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“We were fortunate to have Sandra and Trev provide the joy of music for our wedding ceremony; they did a beautiful job and truly helped make the ceremony feel personal and special.” – Maggie G

“His playing enhanced my spiritual worship experience.” – Margaret Moore, Amity United Methodist Church

I play for Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham, and anywhere else I am called to. When you book me for your special event, I will help you through or even take care of the music selection. I frequently get kind remarks on how by virtue of my playing the air is classier and more refined. I have an extensive repertoire of romantic Classical and Jazz music to entertain you and your guests. I also play Fiddle, Pop and Rock! If you have a request I will provide it for you gladly. If you’d like me to play a one-of-a-kind improvised solo on ‘Happy Birthday’ just for you

or your special someone, I would love to. I pride myself on my easygoing can-do attitude and warm personality.

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Wedding Booking, Schedule and Requirements –

When you book me for a wedding, I will send a list of wedding favorites which I can play to get you started. If you have any further needs or special requests I will accommodate. There is nothing too traditional or modern you can ask of me. Will it be Bach, Michael Jackson, or both? I will take requests up to a month in advance of the event.

I will arrive an hour before the ceremony, and I will begin the prelude music a half hour prior. Please have a chair where you’d like for me to be. I am happy to attend the wedding rehearsal. Please

let me know as soon as possible so that I may plan in advance.

My contract must be signed with the deposit by the specified date. This will complete the booking and from then on I will devote my attention to your wedding music. To ensure my availability please book as early as possible. I will also meet with you to get to know you and hear what you’d like for your music.

Say you want me in a lively bustling ballroom. Amplification is no problem. I can always bring a microphone or my electric violin.

I will play solo at your wedding unless otherwise requested. I can arrange for duos, trios, and quartets of all kinds of instruments. String quartet, jazz combo or rock band, it’s up to you! This will generally require at

least one rehearsal. An appropriate fee will be determined based on number of musicians and rehearsal time spent.

I will wear a formal tuxedo unless otherwise requested. I am happy to match the bridal party too.

I am partial to outdoor weddings. Having the birds singing and being surrounded by trees and flowers is quite lovely. While I can play outdoors, my requirements for this are a little more stringent. Extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, and rain can damage a fine violin. I am happiest with clear skies, some shade, with the temperature between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If these conditions aren’t possible, then we can work something out. I also bring my backup violin to every event. This instrument is hardier than my go-to.

My base rate for a single wedding service is $225, which includes a $100 non-refundable deposit. Additional musicians, rehearsal time, and travel miles will bring additional fees.

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Religious Services –

I have played at Chapel of the Cross, Long Memorial United Methodist Church, Grey Stone Church, Aldersgate United Methodist and Amity United Methodist. I am available for typical services and special occasions like Easter and Christmas.

I can play and improvise on any hymn on the spot, provided I am reading from a hymnal. If you would like me to select and play music for prelude and postlude I am happy to. Any music you wish for me to play can be solo or with accompaniment.

If you would like me to join in choir rehearsal prior to the service I will attend at no additional cost. Additional rehearsals must be compensated for. Please send me any music other than selected hymns at least two weeks in advance.

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