About Trev

Photo by Kristin Elsen.

I grew up in Chapel Hill NC playing violin. From an early age music was extremely moving to me. I studied with the Suzuki Method when I was a child. I also studied my dad’s music collection: Philip Glass, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Luc Ponty, Yes, and others. When I was in middle school I started experimenting with an electric violin pickup I had begged my parents to buy, and writing my own electronic music.

Throughout middle and high school I rigorously studied violin and played lots of video games. Video game soundtracks would also become a core part of my musical identity. I also had my first outings performing violin and my own compositions for other people in public. I also performed for UNC Playmaker’s production of The Glass Menagerie in 2009.

For senior year of high school, I attended the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. This was an intensive period of violin study during which I built up my professional violin technique. Upon graduating, I attended Berklee College of Music, my dream school. Berklee was an incredible experience where I learned an enormous amount about violin, electronic music, Jazz improvisation, and what it meant to be a professional working musician.

Currently, I am making my career through music. I serve people however I can through playing violin. I play for gatherings of all kinds, I give music lessons, I play for music festivals, I arrange music for myself and string groups, and I play for religious services and observances.

In my personal life, I play video games and watch critically acclaimed television shows. I am gender non-conforming and my favorite garments to wear are dresses. I love wearing makeup too. A lot of these things blend together when I perform original music with my band Monarc. My music is inspired by video game soundtracks, Jazz Fusion, and Folk music.

Photo by Nicole Parks. Hair and makeup by yours truly.