I am a violinist making my home in Chapel Hill NC. I play for weddings, corporate events, religious services, and any other gathering that calls for elegance, style and class.

I studied with Dr Richard Luby of UNC Chapel Hill, and attended the University of North Carolina School of Arts’ high school program. After that I dove into Jazz violin studies at Berklee College of Music. I have since studied and taught Fiddle, Classical, Jazz, and electronic music.

I also harbor a great passion for teaching. What motivates me is my wish for a teacher to share the flair of modern music along with the joys of Classical when I was learning to play the violin. I teach young and old alike.

I play a beautifully smoky acoustic violin from Germany dating from the 1800’s with my grandfather’s pernambuco bow, and a razor sharp Evan Fourness electric from 2014.

My resumé is here.